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a public service announcement

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It takes me 10 crayons to color 1 lion.


Subway ticket machine in Moscow accepts 30 squats as its payment.


I saw a pretty girl on the way to work so I thought I’d do some fast scribbles and make a character out of her later. Animating shadow passes for weeks makes you forget if you can draw or not…


I wanted to do a brief lipsync test with Anny while I finalized the script so I used some video game voice acting for now.

I’m currently In the process of recruiting voice actors for the film. I can’t wait to get voice talent for Anny. :)

Pardon my noodle arm flailing right now. So I was stalking your page because of this post, wanting to inquire about more voice acting stuff. Turns out we’re both from Minneapolis. :P I’d love to do some voice work for you if you’re game. I’d have to put together a tape or someone though.
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